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A Simple And Seamless Look For Your Alexandria VA Residence

What’s Wrong With A Framed Shower Door?

Using regular framed shower doors means having to deal a lot of frustrating problems. One of them is that the water finds its way into the tracks, which makes cleaning quite difficult. With the water unable to drain, there’s the problem of buildup of dangerous mold. Moreover, the corners of the metal used in these ordinary shower doors are simply ideal places for mildew to hide. Buildup of mold and mildew as a result of dirt and moisture getting trapped between the metal and glass gradually weakens the glass. Why let these problems give you sleepless nights when you have the option of installing frameless shower doors… You will get an inviting bathroom minus the cleanup headaches. With frameless enclosures, the absence of any frame leaves just a smooth glass surface with no room for soap or water to accumulate. Cleaning is a breeze with only a few wipes using water or glass cleaner.

A Simple And Seamless Look For Your Alexandria VA Residence

The trend in modern bathroom design is to get that minimalist feel – with a no-frills, seamless look. Frameless glass showers effortlessly fit into this model. In a sharp departure from conventional framed enclosures, frameless showers consist entirely of glass panels, without any metal frames to hold them together. The glass panels are held together at the edges by using strong water resistant adhesive. Although frameless glass showers might appear fragile at first glance, if the construction is right, they can be extremely tough and reliable. Manufacturers mostly use 3/8-inch to half-inch glass for the panels to make them extra durable. A well built frameless glass shower door should be fitted with solid brass hinges that are highly resistant to corrosion and damage from water. Properly treating the glass surface will cut down your maintenance needs by allowing the glass to slough off dirt and water more effectively. This practically makes these doors self-cleaning, apart from being more durable and longer lasting. Frameless glass showers have clear walls throughout. This allows you to install them anywhere in your bathroom without obstructing any section of the wall. Even if the bathroom be small, this style works well because of the seamless and smooth look that makes the corners appear wider.

Use Your Imagination

Since frameless showers have walls made of plain glass, it’s possible to coat or decorate these showers without worrying about how to protect the metal frames. Texturing, itching, and hand painting are some wall designs that have become popular. Further, you can also get the walls partially or completely sandblasted in order to get a translucent finish, which gives you more privacy.

Making Your Final Choice

The only constraints you might face while deciding on a frameless shower door are your budget and installation fears. Admittedly, these doors come somewhat more expensive compared to traditional shower doors because of the thicker and better quality glass used. Still, given the huge benefits you get from installing a frameless glass shower enclosure, the extra expenses should be well worth it. View it as a significant investment in your Alexandria VA home that will not only add to it a more up-market touch but also fetch a better resale value should you decide to dispose of your home in future. The installation problem mostly arises from difficulty in handling the heavy glass panels. If you don’t feel up to it at all, it’s better to get the job done professionally. Not only are you paying the installation expert for his skill but also labor. Although this will drive up your cost a few notches, it eliminates the risk.