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Bathing Comfort in Burke Homes

Frameless Glass Shower Door – For Your Bathing Comfort

Feel rather down using your regular sliding framed shower door? Then you needn’t any longer. The good news is that bathroom retailers in Burke are stocking up on a completely different type of shower door – the new frameless glass shower door. These doors tend to be much better than ordinary shower doors in terms of functionality and style. Comfort in your daily lifestyle is, to a big extent, dependent on how much you stay relaxed while at home, and the bathroom contributes to a significant extent to that relaxation. The more functional and stylish your bathroom is the more comfortable and relaxed you will feel when at home, and can go about your daily life refreshed.

Traditional Is Not So Great Any More…

A modernistic and dirt free bathroom is what everyone is seeking for their Burke home. With the passage of time, due to continuous innovation in the domain of bathroom accessories and fitments, the traditional bathroom no longer looks the same. Today it is more likely for a homeowner to prefer frameless glass shower over the regular framed shower door or conventional shower curtain. Frameless glass doors are steadily gaining acceptability not only because of their classy and sophisticated look, but also because of their many advantages when compared to their traditional counterparts.

Which Type Of Shower Door – Resolving the Dilemma

A brief look at the differences between framed and frameless glass shower doors should help to make a decision on the type of shower door to purchase.

> In case of framed shower door, the glass used is thinner in comparison to a frameless one. The reason is that the metal framing gives protection – something which is not available for a frameless shower door. Hence, the glass used for frameless shower door is typically much thicker, which helps to protect against breakage. Although frameless shower door will not have any metal framing, there is a small percentage of metal involved by way of holders and brackets. This serves to provide the door some support and prevents it from shaking and rattling due to the increased glass content.

> Since the glass used in frameless shower door is thicker, it comes way much heavier than framed shower door. This makes it slightly more difficult to install framed shower door. However, once installed, frameless shower doors are easy to handle – just like framed ones.

> Over time, the metal framing in framed shower doors will collect rust, leaving stain on the glass surface. The stain will gradually render the appearance of your shower enclosure unsightly. However, because frameless shower doors don’t have any metal framing, there isn’t any need to worry about such things. An additional benefit with frameless doors is they are extremely easy to clean – because having no frames means you can reach the dirt everywhere. There is simply no possibility of dirt to accumulate in the spaces in between the frames.

> Since frameless glass doors need to have thicker, heavy-duty glass, you will find them comparatively more expensive. However, the higher investment necessary in these shower doors is offset by the fact that they last from three to four times longer than ordinary framed shower doors. Moreover, having a frameless shower door for your Burke residence gives your home that sophisticated and upscale touch. Should you want to sell off your property a few years down the road, you will likely fetch better value from the deal.

> Frameless glass shower doors create an illusion of openness in your bathroom. Not the constricted feel you get from having a traditional shower enclosure. This aspect becomes that much more important if the bathroom space is somewhat limited.

Based on the above information, you might now be able to arrive at a decision on which type of shower door best suits your needs.