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Classy and artistic glass shower doors in Arlington VA

Why Glass?

Frameless glass shower doors come in two types – the ones made from glass and the ones made from composite material. Each of these types has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. It’s very easy to clean glass, for one thing. You can use any strong cleaning product to wipe the glass surface without getting concerned you might ruin it. Further, glass looks better in comparison to composite material and is more durable over time. Glass doesn’t easily scratch and, with proper maintenance, your frameless glass shower doors will look like new even after years of use. However, the main disadvantage is that if you should accidentally hit the glass, say, while moving a heavy object around the bathroom, it can shatter. Usually, composite material used in frameless shower doors closely resembles glass – only, it is lighter, which makes for easy maneuvering. Also, there isn’t any risk of breaking them. Even so, maintaining these shower doors isn’t easy because composite material does not have the qualities that glass has. Many cleaning products that can clean rust and lime scale actually cause damage to composite material. Moreover, such materials are vulnerable to scratches. Which means you can’t scrub these shower doors with anything abrasive and need to be extra careful about the stuff to be used for cleaning. In time, the original smoothness of the surface will disappear and it will look old and worn out – something that will not happen to glass doors.

How Much Privacy?

The glass used in frameless shower doors can be transparent or frosted. Which type you find suitable depends on the degree of privacy you prefer in your own bathroom. If your Arlington VA home is of modest proportions, and you share the bathroom with your kids or other family members, maybe everyone will feel more at ease with some type of opaque frameless shower door. You can try visiting nearby retailers in Arlington VA to look for clouded or distorted glass, which really look classy and artistic. Colored glass is another alternative for a stylish bathroom that, at the same time, offers intimacy for your family members. If colored shower door is what floats your boat, take care to get it matched up with the tiles you have fitted inside your bathroom. Select a theme: for instance, ocean theme, which is just perfect for any type of bathroom. You could install some kind of blue frameless glass shower door, which will complement blue and white tiling. Throw in some pale pink tones – to create the impression of the sun rising up from the ocean waves. If you happen to have your own bathroom or there’s only your partner to share it with, then it’s a cool idea to go for transparent or semi-transparent frameless glass shower doors. These types facilitate a feeling of bigger space and let in more light. Also, don’t forget that it’s very easy maintain transparent, shiny glass – the water drips off right away, which leaves you with much fewer white spots for cleaning.

Finally – The Installation

The first stage of getting frameless glass shower doors correctly installed is to take precise measurements. Better to have another family member assist you as it’s difficult to do it accurately enough without someone to hold the other end of the measuring tape. Repeat your measurement at least once to confirm you did it okay. For buying your frameless glass shower door, you can either drop into a local store in Arlington VA or search for the best prices on the World Wide Web. Usually, if you’re looking to buy your shower door from a website, it’s going to take around a couple of days for delivery. However, if the frameless glass shower enclosure is of the non-standard type, you need to order them and it will take possibly a week to get the product ready to ship. Find out if the frameless glass shower door you selected comes with all the hardware and installation instructions included. Typically, installation is not much of a sweat – the only problem arises from the weighty nature of the glass you have to move around. However, if you would rather not play Mr. Handyman, simply call for a professional in Arlington VA to come by and get the installation done. The extra expenses by way of installation charges might be well worth it. As an user puts it, “You’re paying for this guy’s expertise as well as his labor. If he screws up, you get a new shower door. If you screw up, at best you’ve got a crooked shower door that never quite closes right. At worst you’ve got a $1000 worth of broken glass on your bathroom floor.”