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The Preferred Alternative In Alexandria VA

New Concept In Bathroom Design

It’s no longer cool to just step into your bathroom and get done with showering up. The new watchword is bathing in style. Would you rather continue with your present setup – the regular framed shower door – or step into a radically new style in bathing pleasure? If yes, then step into the frameless glass shower door – a revolutionary new concept in bathroom design, an investment that will last you years from now and fetch you more value for your Alexandria VA home in case you want to dispose of it in future. So what exactly does this concept have on offer? Why are people increasingly turning to this while abandoning the conventional style shower enclosure? Don’t get left behind. Read on…

Frameless Glass Shower Door – The Preferred Alternative In Alexandria VA

The concept of shower doors gets most people thinking of the conventional style. However, now there’s another option open to you – frameless glass shower doors. This elegant innovation is in keeping with a lot of technological changes sweeping the marketplace in the domain of home décor – especially bathroom. Quite a few remodeling projects are finding consumer attention, more so with regard to doors. One of these is the fabrication of frameless glass shower doors which adds a lot of grace and style to the bathroom. If you have been thinking of improving the look and feel of your bathroom, this is doubtlessly one of the newer innovations. This stylish alternative to standard shower door, made of glass and supported by metal frame, is constructed of thicker, stronger glass which eliminates the need for a metal frame. Frameless glass shower doors give your shower enclosure that sexy contemporary look. You can choose from different glass finishes including clear, frosted and patterned. There are many designs like swinging, sliding or bi-fold.

Frameless Glass Shower Door – Better Choice For Your Alexandria VA Home

An important design feature of frameless glass shower doors is that tempered and polished safety glass is used for its fabrication. As a result, you get high-strength glass. But the glass uses very little metal that helps secure the panels rather than reinforces them. An added benefit of choosing a frameless glass shower door is that you enhance the attractiveness of your home while adding value to it. If you should think of selling your home in future, you are likely to get better value from the sale. As mentioned earlier, high quality glass is used for manufacturing frameless shower doors. Because of this, these doors can last much longer than regular framed doors. Cleaning frameless glass doors is really easy and the doors always have that brand-new look. Frameless door works well in small spaces because it can open both in and out in contrast to regular framed door, which is made to open out only. Then the problem of corrosion is also done away in frameless glass shower doors. Also, you are assured of almost zero maintenance. And for improved maintenance of these doors, you could simply use some type of surface protector that fills the glass pores and creates a smooth surface. There is no problem of buildup of hard water deposits. Just use a squeegee to clean your frameless glass shower door, and you are done.