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Frameless glass shower doors in Dulles residences.

He Likes It. Do You?

Here’s what someone who uses frameless shower door has to say: “My wife is a woman who always knows what she wants, and she rarely waits until she can get a discount on it. I have tried to change her mind by showing her negative reviews of some of these things, but she always stands firm. The other day she decided frameless shower doors were the way to go for our bathroom. I really did not want another home improvement project, but I have to admit that now that they are installed, they actually look pretty nice. It certainly does seem that they will also be very easy to clean, which will save me a lot of time.”

Don’t Neglect Your Bathroom…

There can hardly be any doubt that the bathroom doesn’t figure as one of the most visited areas of any home. The reason, of course, is that such a place isn’t for entertaining too many visitors – being only used only when truly necessary (you know what I mean!). Although the bathroom isn’t the favorite area in your house, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can totally ignore having it remodeled. Quite a few people feel that getting the right shower units and right tiles are the best things they can make happen for their bathroom. Unfortunately, with this mindset, they would be missing out on quite a lot. One of the coolest ideas that you can ever think of with restyling your bathroom is the use of frameless glass shower doors. Using frameless glass shower doors for your bathroom might even make it one of the most visited areas in your Dulles residence. The main component of these classy frameless doors is very thick glass without any outer metal framing whatsoever. What makes frameless glass shower doors so special is the way they give the shower area that transparent look, dispensing with the need of extra long shower curtain for ensuring privacy and protecting the bathroom floor. Even though these glass shower doors, usually, come transparent, you can always order your own custom made type so that the lower portions are translucent. This will assure your privacy in the event of anyone accidentally opening the bathroom door for some reason.

Investing In Understated Elegance…

Considering the quiet elegance and appeal that frameless glass shower doors bring to your bathroom, it’s only right that they come somewhat pricier than the regular shower doors. It needs to be realized that the price you pay for the frameless shower door isn’t inclusive of installation charges, which are sizeable as well. However, should you feel that getting a frameless shower door for your Dulles home isn’t worth all that trouble and money, you can settle for the ordinary shower door that most homeowners use conventionally. But then, the bathroom will remain the least visited area in your house.

These Shower Doors Really Are Different…

However, before deciding on anything at all, it might help to know the differences between regular framed shower doors and frameless shower doors. As mentioned earlier, frameless shower door does not come with any metal framing, which makes it quite unlike a conventional shower door. But what are the other major differences? Let’s see…

> Visual Appeal – Frameless glass shower doors are a class apart from traditional shower doors in terms of elegance and style. Their all-glass sophisticated look is one of the primary reasons why most trend conscious homeowners in Dulles are opting for frameless shower doors for their bathroom.

> Thicker Glass – Since frameless doors don’t have any metal frames, it’s necessary that they be thicker. This can be viewed as an advantage because the door is less likely to break from accidental impact. The extra thickness of the glass also makes these doors quite durable. Regular shower doors, which have thinner glass, will naturally be more prone to breakage and also not be as long lasting.

> Expensive – Due to the inherent nature of frameless shower doors, which are fabricated from thick and heavy duty glass, they come significantly more expensive than ordinary framed shower doors.

> Easy To Clean – It’s a well-known fact that, despite our best efforts, it’s just not possible to reach the dirt that usually collects in the edges and cracks of frames in regular shower doors during cleaning. It’s much easier to clean frameless glass shower doors simply because there is no place in which the dirt can accumulate.

> Installation – Due to the extra weight and thickness of the glass, it’s a bit more difficult to install frameless shower door in the bathroom than ordinary shower door. Hence, extra care is needed when installing a frameless glass shower door.