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Frameless Shower Door For Your Annandale Home

Heavy Duty Glass Sees To Your Safety

Frameless glass shower doors come as thick panes of glass which are attached to the wall of the shower for shielding the rest of the bathroom from water spray. These doors offer you a smart investment option because you will doubtless add that modernistic touch to your bathroom. These shower doors do not have any metal frame around their edges, which are simply clean and beveled. The glass used is very heavy duty, with thickness ranging from 3/8 to 1/2 inches. The glass type can be clear, clouded, or etched for making patterns of distortion. Frameless glass shower door is kept in place by track or hinges. A question asked by many homeowners in Annandale is if frameless glass shower doors are safe, considering that the edges aren’t covered by any sort of protective frame barrier. The answer is an emphatic yes. The edges of these shower doors are filed down to present a smooth surface, which poses no risk to anyone getting in or out of the shower. Also, as frameless glass showers are fabricated from tempered glass, they are extremely unlikely to shatter or break.

Better Value For Your Money

Although frameless glass shower doors are somewhat more costly than framed ones, in the long haul they turn out more cost-effective. For one thing, they improve the overall value of your Annandale home. These doors also last you three to four times longer than framed doors and rarely, if at all, require maintenance. A framed shower door consists of more parts, which means there are that many more points at which such a type of shower door can fail.

Easy Cleaning

It’s easy to clean and maintain frameless glass shower doors. You can easily make them look always new by quickly cleaning them after taking a shower. Try spraying the shower doors with a mild solution of water and lemon juice or after shower cleanser, and, after that, squeezing the condensation and cleanser down the door. This should be sufficient to give your frameless glass shower door a streak-free finish and keep soap and hard water deposits from building up. If you have concerns about your glass shower door getting dirty, you can use any suitable TPC surface protector, which will fill in the minute pores that occur in glass naturally. This means there is less area on the glass surface for scum to develop. Another reason for frameless glass doors being easier to maintain is fewer metallic parts. The moist and warm environment of a shower can make metal corrosive. Because very little metal is present on a frameless glass shower door, it can be treated with zinc, which prevents corrosion. You would find this option rather expensive in framed shower doors. Considering these aspects, frameless glass shower doors is definitely a great choice for your bathroom, providing added value to your Annandale residence.

Installing A Frameless Shower Door For Your Annandale Home

Any technician with construction expertise for installing bathroom fixtures and laying tiles possesses the skills for the job of installing a frameless glass shower door. However, if you want to attempt this task yourself, make sure you have the right degree of confidence in your abilities. Don’t forget that your frameless shower door is the primary barrier that prevents tub and shower moisture from getting to the rest of the bathroom. If the shower door is incorrectly installed, it can lead to shower leakage, which, in turn, might cause a slew of moisture related issues – like development of mildew and mold, water damage, and rot. With such types of risks to contend with, it’s always better to get the installation done professionally.