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Guests to remember after visiting Dulles homes

Which Type?

Basically, there are two types frameless glass shower doors that you are likely to find with bathroom retailers in Dulles. One is the bypass door while the other one is the pivot. The difference is that bypass glass doors can slide either right to left or vice versa, while pivot glass doors can open and close just like normal doors. Also, bypass frameless door is slimmer and much less ostentatious compared to pivot frameless door. Whichever type of frameless door is used, the absence of rails removes the possibility of tripping over when getting in or out of the shower area – which is an important safety factor. Not to say the truly classic finish imparted to your bathroom by the clean and smooth cut of glass used in frameless shower door. In addition, your bathroom decor by way of tiles and flooring will be completely visible through the transparency of your frameless glass shower door.

Compelling Reasons To Prefer Frameless Glass Shower Door

Installing a frameless shower door for your bathroom, therefore, is definitely a worthwhile investment in your Dulles home. Previously, the shower area and bathtub was a place hidden away with the curtain, but present-day home décor requires it to be highlighted and made attractive. The idea is to see that people can relax in the shower after returning from a hard day’s work. After all, the time spent at home is possibly the only peaceful departure from the exacting demands of modern-day lifestyle. Here are some of the more compelling reasons that might help you take a decision in favor of frameless glass shower door for your home.

> Value – Whichever style you choose for your frameless shower door, bypass or pivot, you will give your home a sophisticated facelift. Obviously, the more stylish the design, the better will your home look to family and friends. Adding this modernistic touch to your home means raising its value in the real estate market. Apart from the relaxation and comfort you get from using your bathroom year after year, the investment you make now is likely to pay off big time in future. Because if you decide to sell off your property at some future date, you are likely to fetch much better value for your home if you have a frameless shower door installed.

> Sanitary – If you really wish to own a sparkling bathroom which is super easy to clean, have no qualms about selecting a frameless glass shower door. It will make cleaning a breeze because there’s no place for mildew to build up. For most homeowners, this is the biggest complaint about regular sliding shower doors – they are notoriously difficult to keep clean.

> Safety – Some homeowners in Dulles, especially ones with children or pets, feel apprehensive because all that glass looks scary – like an accident waiting to happen. Rest assured the glass used for fabricating frameless shower doors is thick and tempered glass. Even if your dog happens to smash into it at full speed playing fetch with your kid, who anyway is not supposed to be throwing the ball about inside the bathroom, there’s no worry about broken glass injuries. While conventional glass panel would leave sharp and jagged pieces all across the floor in case of breakage, tempered glass is designed to shatter into miniscule pearls of glass. Which means quite a mess to clean up, but at least no one will get hurt.

> Personalized Shower – A shower area that is personalized is something for guests to remember after visiting your Dulles home. Sure, most people own stainless steel appliances, sharply decorated patio, or an awesome LCD HDTV. But how often have you visited someone’s house fitted out with a jaw-dropping shower?

Come to think of it, frameless glass shower doors just makes sense. With the spiraling cost of everyday living, and homes shrinking due to falling budgets, isn’t it about time you made the most out of every inch of space in your home? Time to decide…