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Safe To Use Frameless Shower Doors For Your Fairfax VA Home

Why It’s Safe To Use Frameless Shower Door For Your Fairfax VA Home

Because a frameless glass shower door is not combined with a metal frame for supporting it, the glass used for these enclosures are a lot thicker in comparison with a regular shower door. The thickness and temper of the glass make it strong and durable. In the unfortunate event of its breaking due to any reason, it’s going to break into very tiny pieces. As you can imagine, the chances of injury are negligible.

Maintenance Free

Usually, most of the hardware and sections fitted on frameless glass shower doors are made of brass. This eliminates any kind of corrosion or fading over time. There is also no need to fret about any type of regular cleaning for maintaining their look and beauty of these glass shower doors.

Installation of Frameless Shower Doors

Installing frameless shower doors may well qualify as a do-it-yourself project. However, it’s necessary to put in more attention and labor than other installations you might have done by yourself. Frameless shower doors are built of heavy glass, which can be more difficult to handle than the usual framed versions. Getting all the measurements is the most important aspect of this type of installation. In the face of any doubt or uncertainty regarding the details of the fittings, it’s always smarter to get professional assistance to prevent your beautiful frameless glass shower door from getting damaged. The extra expenses that you have to pay up will more than be compensated by the precision work that these experts deliver.

To Sum Up – How Frameless Shower Doors Differ From Ordinary Shower Doors

> Frameless shower doors are extremely classy – and look beautiful in any bathroom. You can consider them an upgrade from regular glass doors with frames in terms of quality and design.

> Frameless shower doors are constructed from thicker glass than framed ones, because it’s necessary for the glass to be more solid in order to support itself in the absence of frames. Typically, they thickness is approximately a quarter of an inch.

> These doors will cost you more than framed doors, because better quality glass requiring precision engineering is used for creating these glass shower doors.

> Since stronger glass is used for making frameless shower doors, they are heavier than ordinary shower doors.

> Because they are heavy, installation becomes somewhat more difficult. A good idea is to get the installation done with professional help.

> It is much easier to clean these glass shower doors than the ones with frames since they have a smooth surface undisturbed by trims or frames.

Why wait? It’s time to go shopping. No doubt you will find that frameless glass shower door that catches your immediate fancy. Just look around – it’s Fairfax VA after all…