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Show Off Your Bathroom Décor in your Stafford home

Love To Have A Frameless Glass Shower Door? This Person Clearly Does…

Let’s see what he’s got to say: “I recently decided that it was time to upgrade my bathroom. I have had the same decor and fixtures in the house since we purchased it over twenty years ago. I was ready for a change and to move my bathroom to the twenty first century. I loved the look of spa bathrooms and my contractor suggested that I consider ….. for my bathroom. I went to their showroom and I absolutely loved what I saw. I picked out a gorgeous frameless shower enclosure. My contractor installed the shower doors last week and I love the look. I can’t wait to add accessories to give my bathroom a spa feel.”

Better Value For Your Money

Frameless glass shower door is much more than just a sleek bathroom addition. These frameless doors leave no cracks for the dirt, soap scum, and bacteria to accumulate. This makes it possible to keep these shower doors sparklingly clean. Also, they last much longer since dirt reduces the longevity of ordinary shower doors by weakening the metal framing and causing the hinges to wear out much faster. This extra durability means you can continue using frameless glass shower doors for years to come – which obviously means better return on your investment. Further, homes fitted with these stylish shower enclosures are more likely to fetch better value in the real estate market in Stafford when offered on sale.

Show Off Your Bathroom Décor…

There is a whole range of things to consider, whether you are thinking of a completely new bathroom or just a bathroom renovation. Deciding on which type of shower – framed or frameless – is right for your Stafford home is an important part of that. If you are planning to install specialty tiles, for instance, using a frameless glass shower door could improve the look of your bathroom instead of interfering with it.

Before Your Actually Purchase…

When figuring your remodeling budget, consider the huge variety of styles and types of frameless shower doors available with bathroom retailers in Stafford – this will help you prioritize your purchases.

> Because frameless glass shower doors usually swing in and out, you might want to decide on the positioning of the hinges.

> Would you like the door to be centered or off-set between two sections of glass?

> What kind of hinge would you prefer?

> Which type of handle would suit you better?

> Would you like a towel bar attached to the glass?

> Is there a particular type of finish you want?

> Have you thought out any specific style for your bathroom?

> What’s the thickness of the glass that would suit you?

> What shape is the shower area that you are looking to install the frameless door in?

> Do you have any special requirements in mind – like wheelchair use?

So you see, any purchase decision should be preceded by due consideration of these details.