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The Preferred Choice In Annandale VA

Frameless Glass Shower Door – The Preferred Choice In Annandale. What’s Yours?

In modern bathrooms, the preferred choice is creating an atmosphere of openness, of fluidity, and of flow. This openness in design tries to integrate such diverse components as state-of-the-art bath fixtures, decorative tiles, and sprawling vanities. Regular shower doors, with their hard lines and conspicuous frames, detract from the aesthetic by creating closed, defined spaces, which present an eyesore. Frameless glass shower door helps create that open and seamless look sought after in contemporary bathroom design.

So What’s A Frameless Glass Door Anyway?

A frameless glass door comes as a shower door made entirely from glass. Because they have frames for supporting their weight or sliding on, these doors usually operate by swinging open and swinging shut on hinges. Typically, these doors are installed as part of a bigger glass shower without frames. It’s the absence of frames throughout the draw which makes it attractive to so many homeowners.

Going Beyond Only Functionality…

The purpose of shower doors isn’t only to see that the rest of the bathing area remains dry. For instance, an adjustable swing and pivot shower door is also able to bring elegance and add a contemporary touch to your bathroom design. Whether you’re looking for a tub door or standard shower, there are two types of bathroom shower doors – standard framed shower door and frameless shower door. Typically, frameless shower doors are prefabricated to fit shower enclosures of almost any size. Frameless glass shower entry systems create a sense of openness in the bathroom that gives it a distinctly upscale look and feel. The glass used for building frameless shower doors is markedly thicker and usually tempered to ensure better safety. Its edges are notched and drilled for housing the hinges and handles. You can choose frameless glass shower door hinges and handles from a wide array of styles and finishes to blend into any shower enclosure design.

That’s Innovation For Your Annandale Home…

Perhaps the most innovative feature about these frameless shower doors isn’t the look, but the absence of one. The incessant demand to make bathrooms appear bigger and more open, a shower door’s unobtrusiveness becomes invaluable. Instead of obstructing a significant portion of the bathroom, a frameless glass shower door helps incorporate this shower space into the rest of the bathroom area. So you can appreciate that the immediate benefit of using frameless glass shower door is its visual appeal. Minimalism is the preferred style nowadays, and these doors fit that criterion easily as they have clean lines in contrast to superfluous decoration. You can hardly find any other style option better suited to your shower. As transparent glass goes with any type of bathroom flooring and tiles, there isn’t any worry about selecting from a limited collection of framing colors with the hopes of matching your flooring and tiles.

Now You Can Show Off Your Bathroom Décor!

The fact that frameless showers also lend visibility to your shower and bathroom tile décor is really one of its most appealing characteristics. Trivial though it might sound, when you consider the attractiveness of glass, ceramic, stone, and pebbled tiles that you can buy from retailers in Annandale, you can understand why putting your tile on display becomes so important.