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A new look for your Stafford Residence

Additional Facts

Before finally deciding to go shopping in Stafford for a frameless glass shower door, certain other facts about these shower doors need to be understood.

> The handles, and also the hinges, are directly mounted to the glass, which makes them tougher and much more durable than the conventional old-fashioned framed shower doors.

> Any decorative bathroom fitment, including the tile, will be clearly visible when you use frameless glass shower door. With the increasing popularity of specialty tiling and increasing trend of installing them in complex patterns, the use of unframed glass means unobstructed viewing of every detail.

> The thickness of the glass used in frameless shower doors comes in thicknesses between 3/8″ and 1/2″. This means weightier and longer-lasting glass in contrast to the 3/16″ glass used in framed shower doors. As a result of this thicker and heavy duty glass, your bathroom will get a more deluxe and upscale look.

> Contrary to popular conception, frameless shower doors are extremely safe to use. The glass is tempered and hence difficult to break. As a result of the tempering process, the structure of the glass, even if it does happen to break, shatters into small pieces. This lessens the chances of any serious injury.

> These shower doors can be specifically custom-made to your space, which brings to your bathroom that unique look. Because of the way in which these doors are assembled, they can be used in a range of styles. For example, you can install curved shower spaces or other unusual shapes for your bathroom. In other words, you can add a designer touch to your shower enclosure.

> Frameless glass shower door is important for a barrier-free home. Since they can be flush with the bathroom floor, and specially designed for any width, you get a shower which can comfortably accommodate a wheelchair. Because of this reason, frameless glass shower doors are so necessary in bathroom renovation for the handicapped and elderly.

> If your bathroom happens to be restricted in size, frameless shower doors can help you open up the limited space, making the bathroom look not only bigger but more elegant. These doors were first designed and used in European nations, where they caught the public fancy because of their utility and stylish look even when installed in the smallest of bathrooms.

Finally – The Installation

As someone mentions, “All shower door installations other than the basic sliding door should be left to the installing professional, which doesn’t include a general contractor. This product is used when a person is most vulnerable – they’re wet, soapy, and naked, which is not a good time to have door issues. Unless you are qualified, don’t perform these installs.” Because frameless glass shower door is considerably heavier than regular shower door, it’s typically somewhat more difficult to install, although not impossible, as a do-it-yourself project. It’s important to get a helping hand to assist in your installation work. Also, you should take accurate measurements for a flawless installation. However, if you feel unsure or uncomfortable about undertaking such as challenging job by yourself, with the obvious risk of damage or breakage to expensive glass, it’s always better to seek professional help in Stafford for performing the installation. After all, it’s always smarter to protect your investment in every way possible and the additional installation the charges that you must pay will more than compensate for the enjoyable bathroom experience you will get from using this shower enclosure for all those years into the future…