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Frameless Shower Door – Fairfax VA

Stylish New Look For Your Home

It’s about time to give your home that fresh stylish look. What better way than to fetch for your bathroom more elegance and class… If you wish the bathing area to look more glamorous – it’s time to invest in a new concept of bathing in style – frameless shower door. It gives your bathroom that wow effect that your friends might want to imitate.

Frameless Shower Door – Fairfax VA

Simply stated, a frameless shower door is one that is entirely made from glass (or material closely resembling glass). Rather than being mounted through inexpensive metal frames, these doors have hinges going directly through the glass. Although most frameless glass shower doors are almost always of the walk in type, it’s possible to get one custom-made so as to accommodate a bathtub.

Buying A Frameless Shower Door

If you finally decide to buy a frameless shower door for your bathroom, the first thing requiring immediate attention is to measure the shower unit. And you should take this measurement only after the entire unit has been set up in order to obtain an accurate measurement. With that done, you should select the type of door you want – you can opt for a pivoted swing door or a sliding door – and accordingly set your budget. The next step is to make your choice of the type of glass you want for your frameless shower door. You can take your pick from a range of glass types for this type of enclosure. For example, you can choose from clear, clouded, or patterned etched design. Once you have decided on the type of glass, you can either go looking for a ready-made glass shower door that catches your fancy or purchase the glass and get the door constructed with professional help in Fairfax VA.

The Benefits Of Getting A frameless Shower Door For Your Fairfax VA Residence

Getting a frameless glass shower door for your bathroom brings to it a certain minimalist elegance. These shower doors allow you much more creativity with the style and design within the shower area. If you cover the shower by a curtain or any sort of enclosure, the true beauty underlying its design is obstructed from view. However, if you go frameless, the door is almost invisible, which allows you to show off the beautiful tiles or stained concrete floors. Anyone who enters would see the stylish look of your shower. The door’s invisibility, and hence unobtrusiveness, also contributes to a feeling of openness, and makes your bathroom appear much bigger than it actually is. Another major advantage for frameless glass shower door is that it’s very easy to clean. There’s no need to wipe down as much surface area and also metal frame. Further, a frameless shower door is as capable of keeping in water as the framed one. And, most likely, your frameless glass shower enclosure is going to last much longer due to the absence of any metal frame. Even after years of use you will not notice any type of corrosion.