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Frameless shower door – New bathroom style in Vienna homes

The Dilemma…

As someone puts it, “We are in the midst of selecting a shower door for our master bath. Our contractor brought over a sample size door that we thought would work well, seemed like a good product. I have asked him a number of times for pricing and he hasn’t been able to give us the price. Yesterday he told me how much it was going to be which is about $700 over our allowance (an allowance of which I felt was pretty good). So my question is: are these doors really that expensive. Do we really need a frameless shower door. What is wrong with a framed shower door?” Find yourself in familiar territory? Then please read on…

Shower Door – Your Options

When deciding on shower enclosures, you have quite a few options. You have two basic paths to choose from when selecting a shower door for your Vienna home – framed glass shower door or frameless glass shower door. Shower enclosures can be custom made, or they can be purchased off-the-shelf. Framed glass shower doors bring basic functionality at a modest price. On the other hand, frameless doors offer a sleek and modern look to the bathroom and are quite easy to maintain. However, they usually come somewhat more expensive because they use heavy duty and tempered glass.

Framed Shower Door – What To Expect

As the name suggests, framed glass doors are fabricated from sheets of glass that are framed using metal. The glass sheets used in these enclosures are usually not as thick as the ones used in frameless enclosures. Further, it’s easier to install framed shower doors than frameless ones. You can find framed shower doors at almost any home improvement center or bathroom supplies center in Vienna. They are available in a large variety of standard sizes. Framed glass shower doors also come doors, and combo in a range of styles such as – fixed panel sliders, sliding enclosures, swing door and panel enclosures. These framed doors are also available in corner shower door styles. For the metal framing, a variety of materials are used like – chrome, brushed nickel and bronze, and many other types as well. Glass styles come as: transparent, tinted, frosted, and Venetian glass – just to name a few.

Frameless Shower Door – The Facts

In frameless glass shower doors, heavy duty and tempered glass is mounted directly to the shower using hefty, though small, metal hardware. Even the handles of these doors are mounted through the glass. Typically, the glass used for frameless shower doors range from 3/8 to1/2 inch thick. Hence, you would find frameless doors sturdier compared to framed ones. These glass shower doors also permit full visibility of your bathroom décor if you use clear glass for these shower doors. If you so wish, you can get frameless shower doors custom made. So there is complete flexibility on what style or size you want for your bathroom. Apart from that, frameless glass shower doors can be designed to open in different ways, like hinged and bifold openings. Because the glass used for these shower doors is thick and heavy duty glass, you will find these doors substantially pricier than ordinary shower doors. Because of the absence of any metal framing, frameless shower doors are devoid of any cracks or crevices in which soap scum can accumulate. As a result, these doors are much easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, because there are no metal frames to pick up rust and corrode, these doors last you much longer. Most home buyers in Vienna prefer frameless glass enclosures not only because of their functionality, but also their glamour and durability. Moreover, installing a frameless glass shower door for your bathroom is a great investment in your home, because it is more likely to fetch a better value if you decide on selling your home in future. Just like framed glass shower doors, you can purchase frameless ones at home improvement centers, kitchen and bath outlets, or bathroom suppliers in Vienna.