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Frameless Shower Door – New Fashion For Ashburn Homes

Frameless Shower Door – A Telling Fashion Statement For Your Ashburn Home

If you’ve been thinking about redoing your bathroom and made some visits to stores in Ashburn which deal in bathroom supplies, you must have seen loads of samples of frameless glass shower doors. In fact, these shower doors appear to be hogging the limelight in bathroom remodeling trends. Frameless glass shower doors are at the center of discussion in countless articles featured in different home style magazines. The Internet is also awash with pictures of the latest designs in frameless shower doors, tempting you to take your pick and make that fashion statement that would breathe fresh life into the heretofore bland interiors of your bathroom. Like others, you simply can’t help wondering about the omniscience of these new glass shower doors – if they’re just another trend that would lose steam, or if they’re here to stay for keeps and as good as the media would have you believe.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors – More Than Just Visual Appeal

A list of reasons given below should tell you why people in Ashburn are opting for frameless glass shower doors to renovate their bathrooms. Only you can best decide if these frameless doors really have any worthwhile benefits.

> Easy Cleaning – One of the primary reasons prompting homeowners to choose frameless glass doors is ease of cleaning. Because these shower doors are free of any metal frames where dirt and mildew can accumulate, cleaning is that much easier compared to framed shower doors. You can forget about scrubbing those little edges with a toothbrush and stop worrying about that skanky buildup in the shower.

> Safety – The glass used in frameless shower doors are typically much thicker than that in the framed ones. Moreover, the glass is treated in such a way that they can qualify as safety glass. What this means is this type of glass is much less likely to shatter than that in framed doors. Still, in case of breakage, frameless glass doors are designed to splinter into very small pieces that are highly unlikely to inflict as much injury as bigger sharp fragments.

> Durability – Aside from the extra thickness of glass used in frameless doors, which improves the shower’s safety, an immediate benefit of using frameless shower door is its enhanced durability when compared to framed doors. According to estimates, frameless glass shower door can last up to three or four times longer than the regular shower door, which makes it economically more viable in the long run.

> Appearance – Frameless glass shower door gives your bathroom that distinctly upscale look. If you’re looking to modernize your bathroom without having to splurge, this type of door can help you achieve that without forcing you to remodel the entire bathroom. Additionally, not having any frame on your shower door creates the feeling of extra space, which makes a whale of a difference in a somewhat restricted bathroom.

> Value Addition – Frameless doors also add value to your Ashburn residence. Hence, if you have been thinking about selling your home, maybe a couple of years down the line, this bathroom renovation can prove lucrative. Often, homebuyers make their choice based on their impression of kitchens and bathrooms. Getting a frameless glass shower door significantly contributes to bathroom décor and makes your entire home look more modern and appealing.

Looking at the benefits that these shower doors fetch, you can understand why people in Ashburn prefer to buy them for their homes. You can also understand the proliferation of advertisements depicting frameless doors in magazines and on the World Wide Web.