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Frameless Glass Shower Doors – Washington DC

Why Should You Consider Framless Shower Doors?

Keen to bring that unique and stylish look to your bathroom? Want to bring that classy look to your bathing area? More precisely, give your shower that much-needed facelift? Well, look no further, because you have found your answer… What you want is a frameless glass shower door to bring that fantastic look to your bathroom – a bathroom that will immediately make your Washington DC home that much more desirable…

The Facts: Frameless Glass Shower Doors – Washington DC

Usually, shower doors come in the framed or frameless variety. In framed shower doors, you will find aluminum framing on each side for supporting the panels. It’s typical for hinges and door handles to be mounted on the frames. However, frames are absent in frameless doors and hence the hinges and door handles require to be mounted on the glass directly. For a frameless door with mounted side panels, it’s necessary that the panels be framed although the door is frameless.

The Safety Aspect Of Opting For Glass Shower Doors For Your Washington DC Home

Since they have no frames, typically, frameless shower doors are made from much thicker as well as heavier glass for making them more tough and long-lasting. Despite so, frameless shower doors are assuredly as safe as the framed ones. Although the glass might appear fragile, its thickness makes it much more solid and less frangible than conventional glass. The tempering process that goes into fabrication of glass used in frameless shower doors also contributes to making the glass itself more sturdy and durable. Even if the glass breaks, it usually shatters into small pieces, which poses much less of a threat for injury when compared to the larger fragments of regular glass.

Your Budget

Deciding upon the most suitable frameless glass shower door for installing in your bathroom will require dealing with a number of different factors. These doors are catching people’s fancy nowadays and add that very distinctive and sophisticated touch to the bathroom. With frameless doors, your bathroom will get a much more up-to-date look when compared to conventional framed shower doors. The first factor that comes into play when you go shopping for a frameless door is your budget. Your decision to replace your bathroom’s shower doors with frameless ones will be colored by the size of your spending for the renovation. As pointed out earlier, because these doors are sturdier, you will need to spend a bit more than for the more usual framed shower doors available in the Washington DC market