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Show That You Care – For Your Burke Home

Care And Maintenance

Sure, glass shower door can be a stylish addition to your home décor theme. The look is really classy, which adds a glamorous touch to the interior of your Burke home. However, your initial enthusiasm and thrill about your frameless door could get washed away in the absence of proper care and maintenance. A small scratch can spoil the beauty of the frameless class shower door. So, cleaning is a must for maintaining its original beauty. However, it’s not necessary to worry at all because cleaning a frameless shower door is quite easy if you learn the techniques of handling and cleaning the glass.

Cleaning Tips…

There are a lot of different ways that can help you in maintaining sparkling frameless glass shower doors. Fortunately, frameless shower doors use high quality glass which does not carry much risk of getting damaged due to too much of hard soap materials, moisture, and constant humidity. Now let’s see the different ways you can keep your glass shower door sparkling clean.

> Squeegee – As they say – a stitch in time saves nine. If you use good quality squeegee, especially dual headed squeegee, after every shower, it will go a long way in keeping your frameless door clean. The soap and water can stick to and dry on the glass surface. Hence, cleaning the door with a squeegee is strongly recommended.

> Quality Cleaning Product – The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to use quality cleaning products for your frameless glass shower door. Be careful to opt for a good quality bathroom cleaner, which will be non-abrasive. Using such a cleaning product will help in keeping the glass shower door scratch free. You might well use a liquid or spray on bathroom cleaner to get enhanced effects.

> Spare Enough Time – It’s important to give sufficient time to the bathroom cleaner for setting on the glass surface in order to remove stains better. Why not start the cleaning job on a Sunday or any holiday in order that there’s no need to rush for completing the task. Once the cleaner has fully set, begin to rub the glass very gently using a nice non-abrasive sponge. You will find the effects impressive.

Even More Cleaning Tips…

Some more tips to keep your glass shower door spotlessly clean year after year.

> Always keep in mind that a squeegee is your best friend in cleaning the frameless glass shower door. Provided, of course, there is no neglect on your part.

> Begin taking your cleaning task seriously right from the day you get the frameless door installed. Because, due to neglect on your part, if any part of the glass should get damaged, there’s no way to get the original beauty back.

> If the squeegee can’t reach the crevices and cracks of the glass, try using an old toothbrush for accessing such areas. When you use chemicals, be careful to always use rubber hand gloves for your protection.

> If you don’t feel inclined to use fancy chemicals, you can go ahead and try using baking powder paste. Simply apply it on the glass surface and leave it for about 20 minutes. After that, wash and clean the water with a piece of soft and dry cloth.

Show That You Care – For Your Burke Home…

It’s true that the commercial soap cleaners available in the Burke market, which contain non-abrasive elements, are quite effective – if you have been searching for a quality bathroom cleaning product for your frameless shower door. Although these doors require very little maintenance, be sure to give it sufficient attention in order to preserve its spotless look year after year. After all, by cleaning and maintaining your frameless glass shower door, you are maintaining your Burke home, which people will appreciate. Most likely, you will get a good value for your property if you should decide to dispose of it in future – remember that most homebuyers will give you a good estimate only after being satisfied that all aspects of your residence, which includes your bathroom, are in fine condition.